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Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanity
Choosing your bathroom vanity is an exciting task. However, it can also be frustrating due to the various options available. First, however, you must pick the right option suitable for your needs.
Your bathroom vanity will be the point of attraction in your bathroom and also used to place your bathroom products.
Hence, before buying, make sure to find a functional and appealing product. The type of vanity you choose is going to reflect your style. Therefore, you can go ahead and mix traditional with rustic this is perfectly acceptable. Feel free to mix designs to make your bathroom luxurious and trendy. If you’re buying bathroom vanities, below are the perfect guidelines that will make your shopping experience easy and ensure you find the right product. They include;
First, you need to consider your bathroom space. Bathroom vanities are available in different sizes. Hence before buying, consider whether you have sufficient space to fit the size of vanity you choose. In addition to size, vanities come in different shapes and configurations. These aspects help to determine the type of vanity you prefer. Consider the right size so that you don’t choose a vanity that is too large and hence cannot fit in your bathroom. Again, a vanity should not be too small because your room will not be balanced, and you will not have sufficient storage space. Consider a vanity that is proportional to the size of your bathroom.
It is essential to consider your plumbing requirements. You can always ask your plumber. Once the plumbing is installed, you will handily be able to move things around. Before you replace an existing vanity, always consider your plumbing requirements. Then, you can select a product that can fit in the same plumbing space, making it easy.
Always consider functionality. A vanity is a necessary bathroom accessory. A vanity is crucial when cleaning hands and storing your bathroom items and accessories. Hence, choose a vanity that provides you with sufficient storage space. You will also find it easy to carry out other bathroom tasks. Decide if you want a countertop or a sink vanity. If different people use the bathroom, consider a vanity that has a double sink. Some vanities come with predrilled holes for installing faucets. However, you can drill extra holes for faucets that require more holes.
Consider materials and finishes. This depends on your taste. Vanities are designed in different materials, including metal, MDF and wood. However, you must consider the resilience of the material you choose. MDF is cheaper; however, it is not so strong. Vanities designed of stainless metal are the strongest. If you choose wood, the strength depends on the type of wood used to design your vanity. In addition, the material and finishes used on the vanity determine the cost.
Therefore, when choosing the right vanity, ensure you consider the right style suitable for your needs. Consider a style that is functional and suitable for your bathroom space. Remember, your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be dull. Consider bright colours for the vanity to make your bathroom bright and stand out.

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